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Happy Book Birthday


Five years ago today, my first novel was published, and things have not been the same since! Although Fearless was the first to be published, it wasn't the first novel I'd ever written. In fact, it was the third. The second one (Belle o' the Waters) came out a few months after Fearless, and as to the first? Well, let's just say it is STILL a work in progress. Maybe some day!

You can still buy Fearless directly from the publisher, New Meridian Arts. Another way to purchase it is through, which allows buyers to designate their own local bookstore to receive a portion of the funds. It's a great deal and helps support both independent publishers and independent bookstores. Fearless is also available on Amazon and B&N

And, yes, I can send you a signed copy if you'd like. Find those here.

Finally, to celebrate this milestone, I'm excited to announce that my latest book, Motherhood and Other Magical Realms, is available as a free Kindle e-book all this week! From Feb. 27 - March 2, you can download this collection of sometimes weird stories for no money at all. Someone once asked me if the collection is "memoir," and I had to laugh -- because, no, it isn't, but yes, it IS in a way! All of these stories came from my life, even the ones that some might feel are impossible (like the one about humans who live on the moon). 

Thanks for all your support through the years and happy reading!


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