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It is 2071, 29 years after Earth's Great Climate Catastrophe. Syd, a chemist at a powerful mega-corporation, meets Jake who takes her to a cave that contains a portal to another planet, Cascadia an oceanic world suffering its own climate crisis. Meanwhile on Cascadia, Ruddy, a poet employed by the Ministry of Poetry is pursued by resistance forces of an enslaved minority, the In-Between, who see him as the key to their deliverance. An explosion strands him and an In-Betweener scientist on Earth and the four must join forces to save both planets from their climate crises.

Published in 2022 in both paperback and e-book format

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Motherhood can be magical, or it can be trouble. Children, if they come along, can grow up, or not, or even go to the moon. The world is not always what it seems, and salvation can happen in unexpected places—like a copy shop. And sometimes, although not always, there’s a ghost in the cellar.


Published in 2021 by World Scientific Publishing 
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Spiritual Insights from the New Science is a guide to the deep spiritual wisdom drawn from one of the newest areas of science — the study of complex systems.This book shows the links between this new science and our human spirituality and presents, in engaging, accessible language, the argument that the study of nature can lead to a better understanding of the deepest meaning of our lives.
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Father Mike Albertino, worn down by financial problems in his old parish and relentless terrorist bombings in his city, is overwhelmed by his own inability to help terrified people. In the midst of all this chaos, he encounters Jenna, a young woman about his age who, inexplicably, cannot feel fear. Mike and Jenna become friends and through this friendship discover the mysterious causes of her disorder. This novel explores themes of faith, how we know what is real and what is not, and the myriad ways frightened people cope in our increasingly fear-filled world.

Published in 2019 by Mascot Books
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Belle Waters is about to celebrate her fourteenth birthday, and she is terrified. The fear of marriage looms large for her, and every other girl who was born into the Mormon settlement of Salt Lake in the 1850s. She knows it is her duty to marry and bring Heavenly Father’s children into the world, but she’s not interested in tying the knot with anyone—especially not the Prophet, an old man with a number of wives and counting. But when the US Army invades Salt Lake intent on arresting the Prophet, Belle soon realizes that the possibility of becoming a child bride is only the beginning in a series of disastrous threats.

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In this collection of short stories, different individuals from different worlds discover that the reality they thought they lived in is not reality at all. Anne discovers that she has a secret power to conjure a previously unseen world. A soldier in the Civil War encounters a mysterious hut where he can hide and heal from his wounds. Elaine is disturbed by the deafening silence of the city around her and discovers that conversation is going on--it's just that she can't hear it. Myra Owen goes to Kinko's one day, unaware she is about to come upon a divine and holy work. A young girl goes fishing and her life is changed forever. In other award-winning stories, a bird arrives, bearing an unexpected message and a train appears in the middle of the night.

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