Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Ten Fantastic Years!

I started this blog ten years ago today! I never would have believed it would still be going strong after a decade, but here we are, and I'm still writing and posting. Some years have had a lot more posts than other years. This year, 2018, has been a little thin, but that could be because I've been working hard to get two books out in the world, in addition to a lot of other writing activity. Publication dates for both forthcoming books are in early 2019! I should have ordering information soon for both of them. Thanks to all my faithful readers over the years. It's been a great decade!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Off to the Printer!

Galley pages for my forthcoming novel, "Belle o' the Waters," are nearly finished and will be sent to the printer any moment now. Very exciting!

Here is a copy of the book description as it will appear on the back cover. Ordering information should be available soon as well!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Cover Reveal!

We have a cover! My first novel, "Belle o' the Waters," is in press at Mascot Books and due out in the next few months. After many iterations and back-and-forth fiddling, we've finally got a cover image. Just looking at this gets me nervously excited. This thing is getting real fast. Stay tuned for more soon!

Coming Soon from Mascot Books!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Big Updates to the Website

I've finally updated this website so I can present information about my writing in a more useful format. I've changed the tabs at the top and reorganized material into the categories "About Me," "Blog," "Science Writing," "Short Stories," and "Books." This change came about because I've had a lot of publications lately and it was cumbersome to record them here, since I hadn't organized things on this website in a way that would make this an easy task.

My "Science Writing" tab now contains links to numerous examples of my work for the American Institute of Physics, particularly for the new Scilight project, which has been keeping me quite busy for the past year. These short pieces have been on topics as diverse as multi-color LED arrays, hurricane modeling, dark matter and energy, acoustic metasurfaces, and explosions. I've really enjoyed writing these and invite you to take a look!

Another big change is to my "Short Stories" tab, where I have now put a comprehensive list of all my published short stories, with links to those that were published online. My most recent short story will be out the first week of May in Chantwood Magazine. I will post the exact link here when it appears, but I am very excited about this particular story. It is a modern-day fairy tale and the title is "The Black Forest."

The final big change is the addition of an entire new tab entitled "Books," because, well, I have books coming out! I've posted as much info as I have for the two novels that are currently in press and will update this as more info becomes available. One thing that should happen quite soon is the cover reveal for "Belle o' the Waters." I've seen several rounds of possibilities and we are getting close to a final version, so stay tuned for that exciting news.

Oh, and last but not least: the photos here are from yesterday's walk on the National Mall in DC. It was a gorgeous spring day and I thought I'd capture a bit of it with my phone to share with all of you. Summer is on its way soon!