Friday, September 25, 2009

New Images From Hubble

This image of the "Butterfly Nebula" is from the newly-upgraded Hubble telescope. The nebula is created by a dying star, which is located near its center. It is approximately 4000 light years from us and located in the constellation Scorpius. Read more about the newly upgraded Hubble telescope and see more images here.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Lost River Valley

This week I am in the Lost River Valley in Idaho, the location of our family ranch and homestead. This picture shows a view across the grasslands surrounding the slough, a wetlands area which is next to our original homestead located at Whiskey Springs.

At this link, you can see a picture of the cabin in which my grandfather, Ferry Larter, was born. It was originally a stage coach stop, operated by my great-grandfather, Claude Larter, who drove the passenger stage between Mackay and Challis.

I'm visiting the Lost River Valley this week for a very special reason: to celebrate the 98th birthday of my grandmother, Mabelle Larter, who still lives in her own home in Mackay, Idaho. Happy birthday, grandma! It's great to be here with you.