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My short story, "The Omega Upgrade," is available as a FREE Kindle download this weekend! Click here to claim your copy. Note that you don't need a Kindle to read this...a free app for your phone, tablet or computer can be downloaded at the same link.

Here's what this story is about: "Elaine's son Peter has been after her to upgrade her connection to the web, but she wants nothing to do with the new-fangled device, an implant that will allow her access to the mindweb--whatever that is--using something called an Omega Upgrade. A chance encounter at a fruit stand with a purple-haired girl gives Elaine a scary glimpse of this new technology. What happens later, when Peter arrives for dinner, causes Elaine to make an uncharacteristic decision when she realizes that the Omega Upgrade will provide something she never imagined could be possible. This short story of approximately 6000 words gives an entertaining, somewhat scary, but very intriguing, glimpse of our possible future as more and more of us connect through the web and social media."


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