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The Writing Report for April

This has been a busy month and my own writing has suffered, but I have managed to complete all my assignments for my Fiction Techniques course and will turn in my final draft of the new story I wrote for this course next week. So, I count that as a big win for the month of April.

In a couple of weeks I plan to launch my second annual "Story A Week Summer" personal challenge. I did this last summer and was thrilled at the number of story drafts I pulled out and finished, as well as the new stories that got started as a result of this I decided to do it again!

Here is a copy of the chart I'm going to use. I have a few ideas for those early weeks, but I honestly don't quite know where this is going to lead me. I'm eager to see what this chart looks like as I begin to fill it in.

Just like last year, my summer has seventeen weeks, since I'm counting from the beginning of May to just before Labor Day. That seems a long way away right now, but I suspect the coming months will go fast. I'll be filing periodic progress reports as the summer gets underway, so stay tuned!


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