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Happy New Year! I hope you are as excited about the coming year as I am. There is much fun and good work to look forward to this year, including yoga classes to teach, writing classes to delve into and science to learn and write about.

Since so many interesting things are beckoning to me this year, I might worry about being overwhelmed. But what do I do? Why, add another activity, of course!

One way I have found that helps tremendously to tame the swirl of activities and interests in my life is to write about it. So, one of my new year's resolutions is to develop a more regular posting schedule, dividing the posts evenly among my three many activities: yoga, science and writing. I will post once per month on each topic according to the following schedule:

Yoga Monday - The first Monday of the month will be a post about yoga. This post will be cross-listed to my other blog, Yoga Emergence.

Science Sunday - The second Sunday of each month will be a post about one of the multitude of interesting science stories that cross my desk every week. There is so much fascinating stuff going on in the world of science these days and I'm always eager to share what I've learned.

Nearly Wordless Wednesday - The third Wednesday of the month will feature a photo or other graphic image, with very few, if any, words. This is not a new feature of my blog, as I love photography and have always had lots of photos to share. Since putting up these posts has always been one of my favorite blogging activities, I'm keeping this feature in the posting schedule.

The Writing Report - The last Friday of each month will feature a report on my writing activities for that month. I spend a lot of my time on this part of my life and, as I begin my studies toward an MA in Writing at Johns Hopkins University, I'm especially excited about this new feature for my blog.

Watch for the first offering in my new posting Monday, when the first Yoga Monday selection is scheduled to appear. And, in the meantime, best wishes for a fabulous 2014!!


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