Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Garden is In

This photo shows why I haven't gotten much reading or writing done this weekend...dug out lots of weeds, added compost, raked everything flat and put the first plants and seeds into my garden today. Here is how it looks today, April 7, 2013. A bit bare, but spinach, collards, cabbage and chard can be seen in the background. More photos coming as it grows!


  1. I could almost literally see the plants coming up in my garden today! Everytime I looked I saw something that wasn't there earlier. One day of 80 degree temp made all the difference.

    1. Yes, Mary Martha, it's amazing what a day of warmth can do...I wonder what it will be like when this week is over? I may have to go out and take photos of the garden everyday....make a time-lapse sequence!