Monday, October 1, 2012

Announcing My New Book

I'm very pleased to announce the publication of my new book, "The Gate of Heaven and Other Story Worlds," a collection of short stories available in both paperback form and as an e-book for Kindle. Nook version coming soon!

In this collection of short stories, different individuals from different worlds discover that the reality they thought they lived in is not reality at all. Anne discovers that she has a secret power to conjure a previously unseen world. A soldier in the Civil War encounters a mysterious hut where he can hide and heal from his wounds. Elaine is disturbed by the deafening silence of the city around her and discovers that conversation is going on--it's just that she can't hear it. Myra Owen goes to Kinko's one day, unaware she is about to come upon a divine and holy work. A young girl goes fishing and her life is changed forever. In other award-winning stories, a bird arrives, bearing an unexpected message and a train appears in the middle of the night.

This collection of seven short stories includes two new previously-unpublished works, and also an Author's Note, in which the origin of each tale and the process by which it was written is discussed.

Thanks for taking a look and for helping spread the word. If you are inclined to leave a review on the Amazon site or elsewhere, please do so. Thanks!

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