Belle's Blog

I've not been posting much on Complexity Simplified because I've been totally consumed by writing my latest book. It's a novel, a bit of historical fiction about a little-known event in US history: the invasion of Salt Lake City by the US Army.

I've just finished a draft of the book, tentatively titled "Belle o' the Waters," and while some kind folks are reading it for me, I've somehow managed to start a new blog. Actually, it's my main character in this novel, Belle Waters, who has started the blog. Apparently, she's a writer, too!

Belle's blog is actually taken from her journal, a little red notebook that her mother just gave her for her birthday. Belle turned fourteen on September 11, 1857 but something else happened that day, a horrible event in which many people died.

This horrible event, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, will change Belle's life forever. She is trying to get it all down in her red journal, so you can read about it now, 155 years later.


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