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In With the New

The Butterfly Nebula, Hubble Telescope

As another year draws to a close, I'm celebrating in a way that seems to have become traditional for me lately - by tweaking and sprucing up my website and blog. This year, I've combined the two into one! You can now find and the Complexity Simplified blog all in one convenient place.

In 2012, I hope to bring some improvements to the blog, so watch for a few new things:

  • Guest posts! If you have an idea for a guest post for Complexity Simplified, let me know. I am especially interested in posts on applications of complex systems science in the "real" world.
  • A series of tutorials! I started doing this back at the beginning when I wrote several short tutorials on attractors, bifurcations, fractals, and other concepts from complex systems science. Time to add to the list, and there is a lot more material to cover. Stay tuned.
  • Book reviews! I'm currently reading a fascinating book on dark matter and dark energy, and hope to review it soon. If you have a book on science or science and religion that you'd like me to review, please contact me.

Finally, I truly hope to be posting more often in the new year than I have in 2011. In fact, this is one of my new year's resolutions, so I really hope I can keep this one. Here's to a better blog in 2012!


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