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I'm Back!

I've been taking a sabbatical from Complexity Simplified and most forms of social media, as well as my other blog Yoga Emergence, for almost two months, and my sabbatical is now coming to an end.

When I announced that I needed a break, I was overwhelmed with things I needed to do, trips I needed to take, and a pressing need to get back to my writing. I think my sabbatical accomplished what I hoped it would, since:

(1) I organized and launched my new yoga teaching business and now have about a dozen regular students;
(2) I added about 2300 miles to the odometer in my car, bringing the total for this summer to over 5000 miles (that's what happens when you drive from Washington DC to Indianapolis and back three times);
(3) I completed a draft of my new novel and have started distributing copies to my writing buddies, who will help me find where it still needs work (and I'm sure it does!)

I have a few other observations about the results of this sabbatical--including the curious (to me) finding that of all the social media platforms I use, the only one I made a regular appearance on during my sabbatical was Facebook--but will hold the rest of my musings about sabbaticals and their value for a later post. 

Oh, and in addition to all that this sabbatical has brought into my life, surely the most photogenic is the young cat that we have just adopted. Meet Cricket, the newest member of our family!


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