Meditation on Psalm 46

Be Still*

Be Still
And know that I am here

Pay Attention
And know that I see you
As surely as you see Me

Be Still
See my Eyes light up the Sky
Feel my Breath in the Breeze on your face
Hear my Voice in the Thunder
Touch my Hand in the Painted Clouds
Streaked with gold, rose, azure
Smell my Memory of you in Fields of Lavender
And Hedges of Lilac

Use all your senses
And know that I am using all of Mine

Pay Attention
For Attention is the First Requirement

Your inattenion will destroy the Sacred Day
It will slip away
Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt
The Sun will set never having known
Being Known
And that will be the end of Time

Be Still
And know that I Am

And then you will know
That you Are

*I wrote this poem about five years ago, and recently unearthed it from a pile of old photos. It seemed appropriate for this Day of Pentecost...enjoy.


  1. Pure beauty. Beauty of spirit, contemplative beauty thoughtfully expressed and written. I'm going to print and put on my wall of "thoughts". Thank you for sharing.


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