I've been away from Complexity Simplified for quite some time now, except for posting a few photos now and then, and the reason is that I've been busy writing someth
ing else. I've been reluctant to post much about it, though, since I suppose I was afraid I might jinx the process by admitting in public what I was doing.

But, today, all that reluctance went away when I finished the dra
ft of my book and immediately wanted to post something saying, basically: Hallelujah!

And, boy, am I tired.

I've been working on this book, all told, for over fifteen years, but the
last 3.5-month push has been the most difficult. Still much to do, including finding an agent and/or publisher, but I am celebrating tonight.

The working title of my book is "God the Great Attractor: Spiritual Wisdom from the New Science." In it, I show how I arrived at spiritual insights from the science of complex systems through a seven-year series of events that were initiated when the attractor that governed my life went through a bifurcation. There were other insights involving self-organizing systems, the fundamental importance of cycles in life, fractals, chaos and emergence.

I have written about some of these topics here and hope to write a few more
posts on the other topics. And I also hope that, someday, all of you will be able to read my actual book!

And, now, I think I'm going to go put my feet up and have a glass of wine. Cheers!


  1. Congratulations Raima!!!! :) I almost feel like I am going through a bifurcation RIGHT NOW! I also feel so inspired to write lately, as if I'm just on the cusp...maybe even today (maybe not), but your post truly inspired me, in any case.... Good. For. You.

  2. Congratulations! I look forward to reading it.

    Actually, this is exactly the reason I began following your blog when I discovered the blogosphere last year. I don't know why really--it's just an intuition, but fractals, intelligent systems, and all manner of natural patterns have always seemed to me a glimpse of God behind the curtain.

  3. Thanks, Stacy and Carol - so nice to see your support and interest. I, too, hope you will get to read the actual book one day! Still a bit of work to do to get it out there.

  4. I was wondering if that book was still in gestation or had issued. When I didn't find it on Amazon, I Googled, and found out it's only 3 weeks old. Congrats., and I can hardly wait to read it.


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