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Gratitude: The Truth of Our Existence

This month's issue of the magazine, "Spirituality and Health," includes an article on gratitude - a perfect topic for Thanksgiving Day, it seems to me. Included in that article is a quote from philosopher Charles Eisenstein that struck me as exceedingly wise. I share it with you today as my Thanksgiving gift to you.

"We are born helpless infants, creatures of pure need with little resource to give, yet we are fed, we are protected, we are clothed and held and soothed, without having done anything to deserve it, without offering anything in exchange. This experience, common to everyone who has made it past childhood, informs our deepest spiritual intuitions. Our default state is gratitude: it is the truth of our existence."
Charles Eisenstein

And now...back to cooking! May your Thanksgiving be blessed with a feeling of gratitude.


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