Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Morning Filled With 400 Billion Suns

Carl Sagan's Cosmos, Remixed but Still Awesome.


  1. What happened between then and now? People like Sagan and Gould were somehow able to be outspoken advocates of science without descending into scientistic fundamentalism. Those scenes of Sagan just looking out into the vastness of space with that goofy look on his face - it's the pure wonder and awe of a child. When Richard Dawkins has that look on his face you can tell he's thinking about how brilliant he thinks he is. From what I hear Sagan had a pretty healthy ego, too. Nothing wrong with that. But he also had depth. In some people the two are not incompatible. Sorry to ramble - but that is one inspiring video!

  2. I agree: they just don't make 'em like Carl anymore! He was truly inspiring, and this video just adds icing to what was pretty good cake already.

  3. I remember watching the Cosmos series with my parents as a kid. I think it fundamentally shaped my worldview. This is a fun take on it!

  4. I just started my 5yo watching Cosmos a few weeks ago. He thought he was going to be pretty bored.

    He wasn't bored.

    He's looking forward to part 2.

    I'm looking forward to more cool music from MelodySheep.

  5. I'm not very good at, uh, singing songs but, uh's-here's a try...

    *deep breath*

    wooo0p ..... AH

  6. I think it is like

    "WooOOP! . . .OAH, . . .WooOOP! . . .OAH OAH! . . . WooOOP . . Ooow, . . .OAH . . .

    This song ain't bad, not bad at all! :D
    'The Case for Mars' is my second favourite.

    - Anonymous