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Fractal Cookies

A friend who must have seen my previous posts about fractals in food forwarded a link to the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories website and this article about fractal cookies.

The cookies illustrate a fractal known as the Sierpinski carpet. Notice the self-similar structure consisting of a dark chocolate square within a surrounding field of white.

The process used to generate these fractal cookies involves stretching long blocks of dough, then stacking eight stretched pieces around a central original piece.

The process is repeated as many times as you like. The pictures shown here take the dough through three iterations. If continued indefinitely, this mixing scheme would disperse the chocolate evenly throughout the lighter dough -- a good result for us chocolate lovers.

My original post about fractal food involved broccoli. Now we have cookies. I wonder how many other fractal foods there are?


  1. I love your fractal cookies so much!! it seems that you are a geeky chef!


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