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More Fun with Fractals

I could probably write a dozen posts on fractals, just to have an excuse to post more pictures of them. Here's another view of that most famous of fractals, the Mandelbrot set. There are quite a few websites where you can generate pictures of fractals on your own. One site aimed at students and teachers is Cool Math.

Wolfram Mathematics has a downloadable "notebook" for the Mandelbrot set which uses its own Mathematica software, but you might also want to check out this simple Java applet by John Watne which generates fractal ferns. I haven't tried downloading it, but you can watch the applet run on John's website - gives you a good idea of how the iterative process used to generate fractals works. Finally, the Open Directory Project maintains a huge list of fractal generating software, including many art sites. If you'd like to browse some really snazzy fractal art, my friend Bruce suggests this site. Start exploring, and have fun with fractals!


  1. Wow, Raima -- that IS a fun photo! Sort of distracting, though - I was trying to read your post and the edges kept wobbling in the background ... uh, oh, maybe too much coffee again ... Great post! Keep up the good work!
    - Anne

  2. White text on black background is stylish - but I think it gives me a migraine. Maybe it's just too late and I should go to bed.

  3. Woah - sorry to give everybody a headache with this one! I see what you mean, though, now that I'm reading it on the published site. It didn't look like this in the preview pane, of course, which is normal black text on white. Maybe I should experiment a little with fonts...but then I risk even more migraines among my readers!


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