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Fractal Fun

Here is a section of the most famous fractal of all, the Mandelbrot set, named for its discoverer, Benoit Mandelbrot of IBM. I wrote in an earlier post about fractals in nature -- broccoli of all things. The essential feature of a fractal is that it is a self-similar object. All parts of the object are copies of the whole. Fractals have a deep and profound connection to chaos. More on that in a later post!


  1. Hey, fractal fun. I want to see more posts like this, which means you might have to slow down on Twitter! I like this post and especially the context-setting one that came before. Two things: yes, Universe Today is the new gig. Also, have you considered a Google (gmail) email account? You can funnel all of your existing addresses into it without changing them, and reply from those same addresses. I even get my Facebook notices through my gmail account -- one stop shopping. See you 'round!
    - Anne (100 Days)

  2. Hi, Anne! Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful to know what works and what doesn't - for a newbie blogger like me. I am celebrating my two-month anniversary for this blog tomorrow (hooray!) and have learned a lot so far. Actually, I do have a google email account but some of my email addresses won't forward to it. :( It has helped consolidate a lot of them, though.


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