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Science Writing

I have been a writer my entire life, including the years when I was doing scientific research and teaching. During that time, I published over fifty scientific articles and co-edited three books. Details can be found in my CV.

Although I am no longer active in research, I retain a passionate interest in science and am now throwing that passion into bringing interesting science to the public through my writing. While I was still on staff at the National Science Foundation, I edited their agency newsletter, The Current. It was a great internship for me as a fledgling science writer and showed me how similar writing for the public is to teaching.

After leaving NSF, I launched a freelance science-writing business and now produce work for, the American Institute for Cancer Research and the American Chemical Society. My primary science writing these days is for the American Institute of Physics, where I help with press releases and with short web-based highlights of just-published journal articles. These short pieces, known as Scilights, have been on topics as diverse as multi-color LED arrays, hurricane modeling, dark matter and energy, acoustic metasurfaces, and explosions.

 Some pdf files of my recent articles are available for download here; please send me a message if you would like to see other clips.

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